The world’s second largest population of the critically endangered Delacour’s langur was recently discovered by Fauna & Flora International (FFI). FFI Vietnam’s Biodiversity Technical Advisor Trịnh Đình Hoàng said, their surveys and assessment had revealed that there was a population of significant size. They detected seven groups of Delacour’s langur, with the total number of primates in the population being as high as 40.


Việt Nam’s prized primate, the Delacour’s Langur


     Delacour’s langur is indigenous to Việt Nam, but because of human activities such as hunting, stone mining and charcoal production, it faces a severe threat of extinction with fewer than 250 left. Although they remain under grave danger of being wiped out within a decade, scientists now have renewed hope that they can be saved.

     However, Country Director of FFI Vietnam Dr. Benjamin Rawson warned that, urgent interventions to curb human activity such as hunting and mining were needed to safeguard these prized primates and their habitat.


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