Authorities in Thừa Thiên - Huế Province have issued an order to protect wild birds after a large amount of birds moved to settle in residential areas.


The appearance of wild birds has been reported as a good sign for the Thừa Thiên - Huế Province’s ecological environment


    Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phạm Ngọc Thọ has requested all local authorities strengthen the protection of wild birds to gradually build Huế into a green city and a safe haven of wild animals. He urged localities to control, prevent and strictly punish all acts of trapping, hunting, shooting, trading, transporting, storing and slaughtering of wild birds and animals living in and around residential areas such as parks, ponds, lakes and lagoons.

    He asked them to hold programs on disseminating, educating and introducing about regulations and laws on the management, control and conservation of wildlife, particularly wild birds and support all actions to prevent the abuse and killing of the birds. He also appealed for businesses in the area to sign commitments to not buy, sell, use, consume, display or advertise wild birds. Local authorities should regularly conduct inspections to discover violations. The Provincial leader also requested prohibiting cadres, civil servants and authority officials of localities from using products derived from wild animals and wild birds.

    Earlier, a large amount of wild birds including flocks of while storks were seen flying along canals and paddy fields to search for food in the Province. The appearance of wild birds has been reported as a good sign for the local ecological environment but has also resulted in increased illegal wildlife hunting and trading in the Province.


Gia Linh (VNA source)

(Nguồn: Tin/Bài đăng trên Tạp chí Môi trường số Chuyên đề Tiếng Anh I/2020)


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