In order to improve the management, supervision, timely forecasting, warning and disclosure of changes in air quality, the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) has developed the Software for management of automatic environment monitoring data (Envisoft) with modern technology to deploy nationwide. Envisoft is a useful tool, helping with accurate data processing, assisting departments of natural resources and environment (DONREs) in receiving, transmitting and managing data as well as strengthening capacity in operating, controlling, analyzing, processing and exploiting automatic, continuous monitoring data in order to synchronize and manage data consistently from the Central to local levels. With advanced features, EnviSoft software is developed on both web and mobile platforms.

Envisoft software application on web platform

    Envisoft software is developed on the basis of the monitoring data management software that has been available since 2003. Previously, because there was no automatic monitoring station, this 2003 software was only applied to install Windows form to manage periodic monitoring data of national monitoring stations. To date, Envisoft software has been expanded and developed on web and mobile platforms, helping manage data as well as strengthen capacity in operating, controlling, analyzing, processing and exploiting automatic and continuous monitoring data.

    In 2019, the Northern Center for Environment Monitoring implemented the transfer of Envisoft software to 57/63 DONREs of provinces and cities across the country (the remaining 6 provinces/cities have not received the software yet because no automatic and continuous monitoring stations have been installed in their management area).

    The Envisoft software application has helped environment management agencies receive and manage data of 700 automatic monitoring stations nationwide; contributed to actively supporting the data reception of enterprises in the provinces/cities nationwide as a tool to manage, supervise, censor data and transmit data from DONREs to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). It also helps exploit the environment monitoring data automatically, continuously and consistently between the environment management agencies at Central and local levels that basically solves difficulties and shortcomings in transmission, reception and management of automatic, continuous monitoring data. The software’s copyright has been registered at the Copyright Office of Việt Nam (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) on 15th November 2018.

Outstanding advantages of Envisoft software: Integrating different operations on the same software helps it run more effectively, managers can run and supervise the operation of automatic monitoring stations anytime, anywhere. The software can synchronize data from Central to local levels and enterprises, continuously and simultaneously transmit data and videos. It is technologically compatible with a wide range of equipment that helps for high-speed data collection and big data processing, it is also easy to upgrade and expand, has automatic data censorship mechanism, timely updates current policies and documents therefore localities do not have to invest in software purchase. The software has built-in automatic data backup tools as well.


Some key interfaces of Envisoft software



Envisoft software on the mobile platform


    `Envisoft mobile application is a tool to support the exploitation and use of automatic and continuous monitoring data, serving the state management and information on environmental quality indexes to the community. Envisoft software runs stably on both popular mobile platforms Android and iOS, so it is possible to download the application and install it anytime, anywhere. The process of downloading, installing and upgrading the application is easy, so users can download, install and upgrade by themselves, it fully meets the requirements and demands for information about air quality index to the community and is an effective tool for managers when performing inspections, supervision or searching of automatic and continuous monitoring data.

    Envisoft application consists of two main modules: Module 1 - Disclosure of Air Quality Index (AQI), is a module for community use, no login account required; Module 2 - Automatic environment monitoring data management, is a module for managers and officials assigned to supervise station operation. For this module, there must be an account (authorized) to use it.

    Module 1 - Disclosure of AQI, has a user-friendly interface design, simple and easy-to-use functions to help users easily track and look up information on environmental quality index with the following functions: (1) Provide information on air quality index (AQI) of automatic monitoring stations nationwide. (2) Allow selection of automatic monitoring stations of frequent interest and tracking of AQI, (3) Automatically arrange the list of automatic monitoring stations with AQI from high to low, (4) Display detailed information of an automatic monitoring station.

    Module 2 - Automatic environment monitoring data management, is for managers. The application provides tools to track, manage data, monitor data exceeding standards, connection status and current status of data transmission. This module includes the following main functions:

  • View general statistics about stations (users can know the status of connecting or losing data connection, which stations have parameters exceeding QCVN, faulty devices...);
  • View stations by each environmental component (wastewater, surface water, ambient air, exhaust gas, groundwater);
  • View detailed results of each parameter (online) of each station by each environmental component;
  • View statistics of the number of stations in each locality;
  • View statistics of data loss events by component;
  • View online data of each parameter of a station on the map (users can exchange base maps, filter the number of stations according to the component they want to see);
  • View AQI of each parameter by hour, day;
  • Provide notices; and
  • General setting function of the account.

Advantages of Envisoft software application on the mobile platform:

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use;
  • Run anytime, anywhere;
  • Highly customizable following user needs;
  • Integrated operations on the same software that helps it run more effectively;
  • Available tools to control (QC) data before disclosing;
  • Create an ecosystem in managing environment monitoring data in receiving and managing data from enterprises to DONREs and transmitting data from DONREs to MONRE, finally releasing the data to the public;
  • Effective support tool for management levels from the Central to local levels in supervising environment monitoring activities;
  • Wide range of data (covering the whole country);
  • New technology applied;
  • Manage monitoring data professionally;
  • Easy to upgrade and expand;
  • Strict process;
  • Complete and accurate information.

    In addition to information on AQI, it also displays more meteorological information such as temperature, humidity... collected from automatic air monitoring stations nationwide. This is the official data source from the VEA with high accuracy because it is measured by national monitoring stations and some local monitoring stations nationwide.


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