On 18th January of 2019, Hanoi Department of Construction has allowed JSC CONSTRUCTION-TRADE AND ENVIRONMENT HANOI (Hactra) company to install and operate Korea HJ-1000 system on the Big Kim Lien lake for testing. On occasion, Environment magazine (VEM) has a meeting with Mr. Do Tat Viet who is the CEO of Hactra company to interview him about how the company plans to install and operate HJ-1000 system.


Mr. Do Tat Viet - CEO of Hactra company


     VEM: Several days before, Hactra company has been allowed to operate a testing session of Korea lake water treatment HJ-1000 system at Hanoi lake. Please tell about the purpose as well as the meaning of this event?

     Mr. Do Tat Viet: In recent years, Hanoi government has testedmany different technologies to treat lake water. However, there is no technology which can solve the problem entirely yet. The Korea HJ-1000 system which is produced by MIRAE.,LTD will be installed and operated as a test in 12 months. If this test is successful, this will have an essential meaning because the use of new technology with low cost of operating and the long life of the system, etc. will help treat the environment of Hanoi step by step. Following the installation of HJ-1000 system on the lakes of Hanoi, this system will be installed in all the lakes of Vietnam.

     VEM: What is your comment about the environment treatment technology of Korea in general and HJ-1000 system in particular?

     Mr. Do Tat Viet: Korea has a fast development modern science industry. Korea government, as well as Korea citizens, care about protecting the environment, especially in safeguarding water resource environment. The Korea technology of treating wastewater as well as protecting water resource has reached a high level, and it keeps developing.

     HJ-1000 is a new technology which is used to against the growth of green algae and other organic matters which can cause the pollution of lake water. In the last few years, HJ-1000 system has been installed successfully in many areas of Korea and become more popular on the lakes of Korea because of its highefficiency in treating lake water and avoiding the growth of green algae totally (The chlorophyll concentration = 0). The operation process of the HJ-1000 system does not make bad effects on the life of good aquarium species in the lake. HJ-1000 system contains both of the solar energy panels and wind generator to keep the system operating without the need to use the commercial electric network. As a result, HJ-1000 operates automatically with a low cost in managing the operation and maintaining: Uninterruptible power supply system has 3 years of retention period, and BLDC motor has 5 years; others units such as solar energy panels, windmills, staging frame and floating buoy, etc. has a long life (20 to 50 years) and do not require too many maintenances.

     VEM: Can you tell about how the activities will proceed such as time of installation, operation plan, monitoring works, andresult in measurement, etc?

     Mr. Do Tat Viet: The total time to install an HJ-1000 system is two days, and this system will operate automatically without human intervention while a person can manage and monitor the operation of HJ-1000 system from a distance via the internet by using the monitoring system. The index is displayed in real-time via smartphone or computer which has an internet connection; theseindexes include: Update time, BLDC motor speed, Wind speed, Reserve energy level, Solar voltage, Water temperature, Lake water conductivity, Water turbidity, and Green algae level,etc.


HJ-1000 blueprint


     Before operation HJ-1000 system, Hactra company will co-operate with Hanoi sewerage and Drainage limited company and the related Deparments to get the monitoring biological pollution as data to evaluate the pollution level.

     Water sample will be collected each month (location and time to obtain the sampleare the same) to monitor and compare with the previous quota to measure the improvement in the quality of lake water. From these monitor data, the related units will create a general report, evaluate the efficiencyof lake water treatment of HJ-1000 system and then reporting to Hanoi People's Committee.

     VEM: It can be told that after the pilot test of wastewater treatment technology - Japan Johkasou system in Dich Vong urban area 12 years ago, Hactra company one more time take a pilot test of new technology. So, comparing with the time above, what is the advantage as well as the disadvantage of this pilot test?

     Mr. Do Tat Viet: In 2007, RIMTECT - ZEON company from Japan had sponsored Hactra company a Johkasou system to install as a pilot test at No6 tower of Dich Vong urban area. With the active co-operation of LIDELCO company, which is the investor of No6 tower, and the company as well as specialized agencies from Department of environmental protection (Now is General Department of Environment), the installation had been donesimply and successfully.

     Nowadays, Korea Government has sponsored the pilot test of HJ-1000 in the field of “Localization of Hybrid water circulation system in Vietnam” project. This test has been gained a positive awareness from Hanoi People’s Committee even Hanoi had used some others technology before such as Redoxy-3C chemical combined with air blowing machine as a technology to treat lake water etc.


HJ-1000 system in Korea


     HJ-1000 is a new system of Korea, on the other hand, many different Departments have a responsibility in the lake water treatment activities so that the process of taking decision took a long time. Consequently, the company had to request Mirae company much time to ask Korea government permission to spread time for installation test of HJ-1000.

     VEM: To successfully implement the environmental protection work, what policies do government need to sign to promote the technologies transfer in general and wastewater treatment in particular in the future?

     Mr. Do Tat Viet: Currently, Vietnam citizens care about the environmental pollution problem. Primarily, water pollution was and being more severely. Subsequently, the government will need more strong, realistic policies to save the living environment. First of all, the governmentneeds to focus on the financial resource for investing on the work of protecting the environment, propagandize and guide citizens the necessary activities to avoids the growth of the pollution sources as well as promoting people join the environmental protection work, etc.

     For the wastewater treatment, besidesbuilding the Centralized wastewater treatment factories in some areas such as new urban areas or industrial areas, etc. The governmentneeds to have roughly solution and the appropriate investment for non-centralized wastewater treatment (Distributed treatment and domestic treatment) in residential areas, old urban areas, concentrated residential areas, factories outside of the industrial areas, etc. The wastewater treatment needs to be suitable with the new requirements to be discharged to the environment based on the Decree no 80/2014/ND-CP about “Wastewater drainage and treatment” which is promulgated by the government on 6th August of 2014.

     After ten years of installation test, currently, the domestic wastewater treatment systemJohkasou had been localized as JKS, and the efficiency of this system has been proved about the cost of installation as well as the treatment quality. So that, the government should promote the installation of JKS widely to treat wastewater domestically, which is a suitable solution for the real situation of Vietnam.

     VEM: Thank you!


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