All polluting businesses or businesses that deliberately fail or delay to implement environmental remediation measures will be publicised and penalised. Mr. Nguyễn Thế Hùng, Vice Chairman of Hà Nội People’s Committee issued Official Dispatch No. 5714/UBND-ĐT, dated October 5th, 2016, regarding the management of industrial pollution in Hà Nội.



     According to the Dispatch, Hà Nội’s Department of Natural Resource & Environment (DoNRE) is tasked with providing a list of polluting businesses in the city in 2015. DoNRE also needs to collaborate with other departments and people’s committees to supervise the progress of the implementation of environmental remediation measures and to ensure businesses do not violate environmental laws. Businesses that fail to do follow regulations will be publicly condemned and penalised.

     In line with DoNRE’s proposal on the construction of a water treatment system for 12 industrial clusters in the 2016 - 2020 period, the city’s Department of Trade and Industry, in conjunction with the Department of Investment and Planning, will provide businesses in the industrial clusters guidance on the implementation of the project.


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