With an estimated 100 million tons of plastic waste in the oceans, 80-90% of which comes from land-based sources, a new Plastic Waste Partnership, established by the Basel Convention, has met for the first time to discuss ways to prevent, minimize and soundly manage, plastic waste from across the world.

    The meeting, convened by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions (BRS) and hosted by the Seychelles Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, gathered more than 100 representatives from members of the Partnership, in Seychelles from 2 to 5 March 2020.

   At the opening of the meeting, Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment Mr. Sveinung Rotevatn called the Partnership “a unique opportunity to kick-start the efforts to better deal with the environmental challenges of plastic waste.”

    The BRS Executive Secretary Mr. Rolph Payet announced a new project on plastic waste funded by the Norwegian Development Agency to help build capacities for managing plastic waste in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. He described how this 6,9 million USD project will help operationalize the Plastic Waste Amendment adopted in May 2019 by 187 Parties to better incorporate plastic wastes of most concern into the legally-binding framework of the Basel Convention. The new project supports many activities of Convention’s work programme, for instance a Small Grants Programme which will channel funds to the grassroots level in priority regions.

    The meeting outcomes included agreement on the activities the Partnership working group will tackle as a first step.  This includes activities on prevention and minimization of plastic waste, facilitating its proper collection and recycling, preparations for entry into force of the Plastic Waste Amendment and plans for outreach and awareness raising activities. The working group will develop and implement these activities along with supporting pilot projects and will provide a first report back on its progress at the twelfth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Basel Convention (Geneva, 22 - 25 June, 2020).

   The meeting was made possible using funding generously provided by the Governments of Canada, Japan, Norway, Seychelles and Switzerland.

An Bình (UN News source)

(Nguồn: Bài đăng trên Tạp chí Môi trường số Chuyên đề Tiếng Anh II/2020)

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