In tandem with rising trends worldwide, Vietnamese tourism is spearheading emerging tourist trends such as business based vacations at luxurious and gaudy hotels; off the beaten track to nature, or detox vacations mixed with yoga and meditation.

Green tourism - ecotourism

    Green tourism and ecotourism are expected to call the shots in the industry this time. Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Lê Quang Tùng claimed that the development of green tourism is emerging to be a principle and general rule agreed upon by many countries, including Việt Nam. The development of green tourism as based on due respect for natural elements and local culture is also the country’s orientation in sustainable tourism combined witih preservation.

    This type of tourism is lauded for its various benefits and exciting experiences for visitors such as more insightful knowledge of culture and local ecosystem by bringing visitors closer to nature, rejuvenate themselves, extract energy from a fresher living environment and tranquility and reduce all worldly burdens as well as stress in our ordinary life.

    There are in Việt Nam also numerous green tourism focused travel agencies, ranging from green accommodation products of Flaminco Group and models of the Viet Community Tourism Association (VCTC) to green tourist homestay associated with agrarian tourism in Quảng Nam. In the Northern highlands, some homestay units such as Mr. Linh Homestay (Bắc Kạn), Lâm Bình Homestay (Tuyên Quang), A Chu Homestay (Sơn La)… have also been highly appreciated and favored by tourists for their principles of green tourism that engender exceptional experiences and serenity in nature’s embrace.


Hội An (Quảng Nam)


Well rested at luxurious and world-class hotels

    Visitors are shifting to a higher gear in purchasing power for accommodation. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) realized that 71% of tourists spent more on their vacations in 2018. Many visitors are now fixated no more on money value in vacations. Instead, they shift their attention to experiences on the way and pay less attention to well-trodden roads to seek for less known and thus more authentic experiences in less heard-of destinations.

  Hotels in Việt Nam are catering well to these rising demands of visitors, who are slowly and steadily changing. Apart from minimal facilities required for a bedroom, visitors expect more and prove more willing to pay more for their private requirements, such as fine space, exclusive kid zone, private pool or customized services. These days, hi-end hotels and resorts in Việt Nam such as those of MGallery by Sofitel in Quảng Ninh and Sapa or chains operated by Vingroup or Mường Thành… are just ideal options for these target customers.

Wellness tourism

    According to The Global Wellness Institute, the wellness (physically and mentally) tourism will be one of the more outstanding tourist trends in bucket lists in 2019. As estimated, this brand-new model will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 7,5% and reach 919 billion dollars by 2022, making up 18% of total market share worldwide.

    Previously, luxury facilities such as spa and gym are just side products to barely meet “standards” of a hi-end luxury resorts. These days, guests are more demanding and discerning of these services. Grasping through this shift in demands, there are now in Việt Nam various travel agents and resorts exclusively tailored for wellness tourist products, meditation tourism, spa, beauty salon or hot spring bath… This 2019 summer, you may treat themselves a bit better in some indulgent moments in a secluded hideaway to relax, regain energies and take care of yourselves with meditation courses at…

    According to travel website Wego and TrustYou, Hà Nội and Hội An (Quảng Nam) are two highly appreciated destinations for their high suitability operate wellness and tourism of visitors, thrusting them in the top 10 best tourist cities to offer these services in Asia.


Hán Thị Tình

(Nguồn: Bài đăng trên Tạp chí Môi trường số Chuyên đề Tiếng Anh II/2020)


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