With a fresh and cool climate, beautiful scenery, many locations in Hà Nội have become the ideal cool green destinations for nature lovers or avoid the heat during sunny summer days.

Ba Vì National Park

Ba Vì National Park has majestic beauty of the mountains, abundant natural landscapes and attractive flora, located in Tản Lĩnh Commune, Ba Vì District, 50 km from Hà Nội center to the West. Coming to Ba Vì, visitors can enjoy the picturesque scenery, the poetic roads shaded with the sun shining through the leaves... with cool year-round climate.

Around Ba Vì National Park, there are many interesting entertainment areas such as Khoang Xanh, Suối Tiên, Ao Vua, Thác Nga, Suối Ngoc... with many resorts and diversified services. If you are interested in learning, the historical and cultural relics such as Thượng Temple, Trung Temple, Hạ Temple, Uncle Hồ Church, or Bảo Thiên Tower, Ngọc Hoa Cave... will be the destination you should try to discover at least once.


Ba Vì National Park


Hương Pagoda

Hương Pagoda in Hương Sơn Commune, Mỹ Đức District is not only attractive because it is a famous spiritual tourist destination but also by charming scenery. Every year, every spring, apricot flowers bloom white all over Hương Sơn forest, tens of thousands of Buddhists and tourists come and pay attention to the Huong pagoda festival and immerse themselves in cultural activities such as boat racing, Chèo singing songs, Văn singing... The journey to discover Hương Pagoda will take a boat along the Yến stream and set foot to Trình Temple, Thiên Trù Pagoda and Hương Tích Cave with the beauty of lively stalactites. Visitors can climb a mountain or choose a cable car to move to Hương Tích Cave more quickly.

As for those who love to explore nature, October and November are the best time when waterlily blooms on the poetic Yến stream and water lilies flowers blooming throughout the extremely poetic fields.

Quan Sơn lake

Located about 50m from the center of Hà Nội, Quan Sơn lake is 850 ha in Mỹ Đức District, where the cool climate is year-round and the natural landscape is suitable for sightseeing, camping... Quan Son lake is beautiful and romantic. On the side, it is like a Hạ Long shallow area in Hà Nội. Traveling by boat, you will visit beautiful limestone mountains, floating on the lake...

Đồng Mô

Đồng Mô Tourist Area and Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is surrounded by the clear blue water of Đồng Mô lake and the dense forests of Sơn Tinh Island (in Ba Vì District, Hà Nội). This place is not only an attractive picnic destination for families, the ideal place for young people who love outdoor activities such as camping, campfire, climbing, cycling, teambuilding...; but also, to bring the unique cultural experiences of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups at Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.


Hoa Trang

(Nguồn: Bài đăng trên Tạp chí Môi trường số Chuyên đề Tiếng Anh II/2020)


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